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Emma Anderson

Webmaster's Note: This narrative is the product of Russell Grimshaw's research. It is in his words with a few brief additions by the webmaster. Again, we thank Russel for all his work.

Emma Martina Anderson (1876 - 1911). For the longest time I was unable to account for Emma. In a letter to Amanda written in 1913, her mother inquired after the wellbeing of Emma's children and husband without any mention of Emma herself. This led to the conclusion that Emma immigrated to America, married here and had several children and then died. Over time, we've been able to piece together the fragments of her life and identify her husband and children.

Photo of Emma Anderson circa 1900.
        Emma Andersson (circa 1900)

Emma first came to this country in 1900, arriving in New York on October 31 aboard the S.S. Sardinian. The ship's manifest tells us that her destination was the home of her sister Mrs. A. Hanson who evidently paid her fare. She made a 2nd trip to New York in 1907 arriving on October 2 aboard the S.S. Carmania. Again, her destination was the home of her sister, Amanda Hanson, at 38 Simonson Ave., Port Richmond, New York. The ship's manifest lists her as a non-immigrant. There is no explanation of when or why she had returned to Sweden between the two arrivals.

A New York State certificate was issued for her marriage to Georg Schulz on February 29, 1908 at the groom's residence at 1 5th Avenue, New Brighton, Staten Island. (The street was renamed to Hendricks Avenue in 1910.) The bride's address is given as Simonson Ave., Mariners Harbor. Amanda Hanson was a witness to the marriage. Emma was age 28 while Georg was 24. Family sources cite Emma's birthdate as July 26, 1876.

The April 1910 census tells us that this is the first marriage for both Emma and Georg; they have been married 3 years and Emma has 3 children, all living. The children listed are Lillian (age 6), Elizabeth (age 2) and Clara (age 8 months).

A New York City record shows the death of Emma Schulz at the age of 35 on July 4th, 1911. There as an epidemic of pulmonary tuberculosis (also called TB) in the early twentieth century. Emma's death certificate indicates TB as the cause of death. The 1920 census shows that Georg has remarried, lives in Hartford, CT and has 6 children of whom 3 were born in New York namely; Elizabeth (age 11), Clara (age 10) and Emma (9). From this I conclude that Emma was born in January of 1911, and was named after her mother. Her mother died on 4 July 1911.

The oldest of Emma's children, Lillian, is found in the 1920 census as Lillian Anderson, living with her Aunt and Uncle, Amanda and August Hanson on Staten Island. Dorothy (Surko) Winter recalls that her godmother was Lillian McCartney. I believe that these are the same persons. Dorothy also recalls that one of Lillian McCartney's sisters was a Catholic nun. The 1930 census shows a Catholic schoolteacher, Emma Schulz, age 19, teaching at Sacred Heart Convent in Norwich, Connecticut. Actually two of them became nuns. Clara was known as Sister Albertine and Emma as Sister Barbara.