McCartney's Journeys

Henry McCartney - 1828

We once thought the name of this man was Andrew or William, but when his son James' marriage certificate was located, it identified him as yet another Henry. We now know that Andrew was this Henry's father.

Though we don't know exactly when Henry was born, we can guesstimate the year. His marriage certificate lists him as not having attained legal age. His wife's name was Ann McCaw and she was listed as being of legal age. Legal age was 21. If Henry were a month or two shy of 21, he would still be listed as not having attained legal age. He and Ann were married in 1847. If he were 19 or 20 years old, and it seems unlikely that he was younger, his birth year would have been 1827 or 1828.

At the time of his marriage, Henry was a journeyman shoemaker. According to the occupational guilds, there were three categories or classifications of skill: first, there is the apprentice where the person learned his trade at the hands of a master. Next was the journeyman, the term meaning only that the shoemaker worked for various masters, not that he traveled. Finally, there was the master who owned the factor in which journeymen and apprentices worked.

We have no evidence that Henry traveled. Henry and Ann had six children, and four of them were born in Co. Antrim. (We do not know where the fifth and sixth were born.) It seems safe to assume (for the moment) that Henry spent his life in that one county. The six children are listed below.

On the 24th of December 1911 a Henry McCartney died in a hospital in Belfast. His occupation on the death certificate was listed as boot maker. It also shows that he was a widower. Since we know that Henry's wife, Ann McCaw, died in 1901, and their marriage certificate shows him as a boot maker, we believe that this was our ancestor. The death certificate also shows that Henry's son, R. McCartney, was in attendance of the death. We suspect that this son's name was Robert.

There is one discrepancy, however. The death certificate lists Henry's age as 75. This is most likely a mistake which could have occurred for a number of reasons. First, Robert might not have known or could have misquoted his father's age. It could also have been a clerical error on the part of the registrar. If the age were true, then he would have been only 11 years old when he got married in 1847. This is not the first time we have encountered a mistake in age. Henry's son James, when traveling to the United States listed his age as 58. We know he was 68 at that time.

Henry's age at the time of his death had to have been 83.

The Children of Henry McCartney and Ann McCaw

  1. Andrew    Born: place unknown - date unknown.
  2. Henry     Born: Portglenone, Ireland - 1851.
  3. James     Born: Portglenone, Ireland - circa 1852.
  4. Robert     Born: place unknown - c. 1861.
  5. Male, name unknown    Born: Portglenone, Ireland - 17 July 1864.
  6. Ellen    Born: Portglenone, Ireland - 2 May 1870.