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Henry McCartney - 1851

This page contains the family of a brother of the webmaster's great-grandfather. They are people we know little about. We have been in contact with one of the descendants of this line. These people are listed in the ahnentafel.

This gentleman was one of my great-grandfather's brothers. According to a relationship chart, he would be my great-grand uncle. Most of the information we have about him was extracted from the ship's manifest for the S. S. Cameronia and from his obituary.

Henry, like his father and brother James, was a shoemaker. He was married and had five sons and five daughters. He arrived in the United States on the 12th of October 1913. According to the ship's manifest he was 53 years old, so we had assumed his birth year was 1860. Henry died in Schenectady, New York, on Friday, 17 November 1933. His age was given in the obituary as 82. From this we can calculate his birth year as 1851. His birthplace, on both documents, was Portglenone, Ulster, Ireland.

The discrepancy of nine year in his age on the ship's manifest is not uncommon in this family. His brother, James, when entering the United States, reduced his age by ten years.

Henry married Elizabeth Greer in November of 1872.They had moved to Dumbarton, Scotland around 1900. They had ten children: five sons and five daughters.

Henry traveled with his wife and one son, Andrew. Elizabeth was, again according to the ship's manifest, 51 years old. She was probably 60 or 61. Andrew was 23 and his occupation was listed as "postman". All three could read and write. Their nationality was listed as British - Scotch. Their last permanent residence was Dumbarton, Scotland. Their closest living relative in Scotland was Henry's brother Andrew, who lived at 10 Balfour Street, Edinburgh. Andrew emigrated to South Africa sometime after 1913, but before 1933.

Henry and Elizabeth were going to join their son, John, who lived at 22 Belmont Avenue, Schenectady, New York. According to the ship's manifest, Henry was going to join his two daughters and four sons. Since he had one son with him, it would appear that seven of his ten children preceded him in coming to the USA.

Henry died on Friday, 17 November 1933 in Schenectady, NY. According to his obituary he left behind his wife of 60 years, ten children, 34 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

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So, to recap what we know:

  1. Henry McCartney
    Born: Portglenone, Ireland - 1851
    Occupation: Shoemaker
    Last Known UK Address: Dumbarton, Scotland. Moved there circa 1900.
    Emigrated to the United States in 1913
    1. Ann Born: Ireland - 10 Dec 1873
      Died: United States - 15 Nov 1954
      Married Alexander Hamilton (not the US President)
    2. John
      Born: Ireland - 11 Oct 1876
      Died: United States - 2 Sep 1952
      Occupation: Machinist
      Last Known Address: 22 Belmont Avenue, Schenectady, NY
      Emigrated: before 1913
    3. Elizabeth
      Born: Ireland - 19 Jan 1878
      Died: United States - date unknow
      Stayed in Edinburgh, Scotland
    4. Robert
      Born: Portglenone, Ireland - 10 May 1880
      Died: United States - 11 Jan 1951
      Married Hanna Mac Donald
    5. Mary Ellen
      Born: Ireland - c 1882
      Marriage Name: French
      Emigrated to Milford, Delaware
    6. Janet
      Born: Ireland - c 1884
      Died: United States - 7 May 1968
      Marriage Name: Mackle
      Lived in Dalmuir, Scotland
    7. Andrew
      Born: Antrim, Ireland - 21 Jan 1887
      Died: United States - 18 Sep 1970
      Occupation: Postman
      Last Known UK Address: Dumbarton, Scotland
      Emigratedto United States: 1913
    8. Martha
      Born: Portglenone, Ireland - 29 Oct 1889
      Died: United States - 19 Aug 1995
      Occupation: Nurse
      Last Known UK Address: Dumbarton, Scotland
      Emigrated: 1909
      Married: George Ure
      Lived in Messena, NY
    9. Henry (Harry)
      Born: Portglenone, Ireland - 14 Feb 1892
      Died: United States - 19 Sep 1970
      Occupation: Machinist
      Emigrated: Unknown
    10. Thomas Chancellor
      Born: Antrim, Ireland - 8 Oct 1893
      Died: United States - 19 Jun 1967
      Occupation: Fireman
      Married: Sarah Ann Cutbush
      Last Known UK Address: Dumbarton, Scotland
      Emigrated: 1912
  2. Elizabeth Greer
    Born: Antrim, Ireland - circa 1862
    Died: United States - 20 Dec 1939
    Occupation: Housekeeper
    Last Known UK Address: Dumbarton, Scotland
    Emigrated: 1913
  3. Andrew - Brother of Henry (Item 1)
    Born: Unknown
    Occupation: Unknown
    Last Known UK Address: 10 Balfour Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
    Emigrated to South Africa after 1913 but before 1933.

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John is the oldest son of Henry and Elizabeth. Henry gave John's address as 22 Belmont Avenue, Schenectady, NY.

Robert is a son of Henry and Elizabeth. He is listed by Martha as her brother whom she is going to visit and in Henry's obituary. She gave his address as 108 Schenectady Street, Schenectady, NY. Unfortunately, we cannot find his entry into the US.

Martha is definitely the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth by her entry on the ship's manifest. When she emigrated on the SS Furnessia out of Glasgow, Scotland, she listed Henry as her closest relative in Scotland, giving his address as 30 Rior Street, Dumbarton, Scotland.

Janet was Henry's second daughter. We discovered her name while speaking with one of Henry's grandsons. All we know of her is that she married someone named Mackle and stayed in Scotland.

Andrew was obviously the son of Henry and Elizabeth because he traveled with them when immigrating to the United States and appears on the same passenger manifest. The last known address we have for Andrew was 126 North Toll Street, Scotia, NY 12302, USA.

We know from the Social Security Death Index that an Andrew McCartney died in the Schenectady area in 1974. It is possible that he was the son of Henry and Elizabeth.

Thomas, whose middle name was Chancellor, was definitely a son because he listed his father Henry as the closest relative in Scotland and because he said he was going to visit his brother John who lived at 111 Johnston Street, Schenectady, NY. In the 1930 US census, Thomas lived at 103 Mason Street, Schenectady, with his wife Sarah and son Thomas. The son was five years old in 1930. Thomas registered for the draft and served in the Armed Forces in World War I. He died in July 1967, in Ballston Spa, NY.

It appears that John moved some time after his brother Thomas came in 1912 but before his father, mother and brother Andrew came in 1913. With all of these relatives visiting, maybe he needed a bigger house ;-)

From the 1920 US census we discovered two more sons, Harry and William. The 1920 census lists them with Henry, his wife Elizabeth and sons John, Andrew and Thomas. Harry was 27 years old and William was 29. The 1930 census lists Harry living in Schenectady with his wife Eliza. He was 38 years old in 1930. There were no children listed. William does not appear in the 1930 census in New York. It is possible that he had moved out of New York State or had died.

From a member of the Schenectady branch of the family, we heard the following story which could answer the question of Robert and William.

Robert had been a member of the British Royal Marines serving on a ship that docked in New York Harbor. He supposedly jumped ship and joined his family in Schenectady. William had died very young. Where he died is not known. In 1920 when a census taker called at Henry's house, Robert was there. Fearing the possibility of being caught, Robert gave the name William. Had he given his real name and been turned over to the British military, he would have been tried for desertion.

This would account for William being in the 1920 census but not the 1930 census. Also, William would not have been listed in Henry's obituary if he died before Henry. This story is further complicated by the fact that Robert registered for the United States military draft of World War I. His draft card has been found by a family member in Schenectady.

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