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Dundrennan Abbey, Scotland

Dundrennan Abbey was a Cisitercian abbey erected by Fergus, Duke of Dumfries, and the monks from Rievaulx Abbey in 1142. Mary, Queen of Scots, spent her last days in Scotland at the abbey. The abbey has had a checkered history over the past 900 years; from a home for a religious order, to housing livestock, and, probably, being raided by local residents for building material. Yet, today it stands as an example of the two prominent building styles of its early years, Romanesque and Gothic.

There are many sites which give better histories of the Abbey. Two of the best are Dundrennan Abbey and Dundrennan - in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway

This page contains twelve inscriptions from the Abbey, which reference the McCartney name. Each inscription lists McCartney family members along with pertinent data such as name, family members, occassionally birth and/or death dates. Because someone placed an inscriptions, it is very likely that the person and possibly the entire family were Catholic. At the time of the abbey's founding, the Protestant Reformation had not yet begun.

The webmaster wishes to thank friend and fellow researcher, Len McCartney, for his diligence in copying the information shown below.

  • Inscription 69:

  • Erected in memory of (illegible) McCartney, spouse of James McLean, Castle Douglas, who died April 24th 1816, aged (5)1 years. And said James McLean who died 16th (May) 1823, aged 77 years.

  • Inscription 70:

  • (East Side)Sacred to the memory of Robert Macartney, born 1722, died at Auchenleck in 1798. And of his wife, Elizabeth Mac Briar, born 1732, died at Auchenleck in 1807. Also of John Macartney in Hall and Auchenfad, second son of the above, born at Auchenleck in 1764, died at Auchencairn in 1849. And of Marion his wife, daughter of John Macartney and Mary Barton, born in 1768, died at Auchenfad in 1831. Also of Robert Macartney, eldest son of the above, born at Auchenfad in 1799, died at Dundrennan House, in 1886. Also of Eliza, his wife, eldest daughter of Ebenezer Halliday of Kirkland of Gelston, born in 1802, died at Dundrennan House, in 1881. Also of Jeanne, Lady Macartney, nee du Sautoy, the beloved wife of Sir Halliday Macartney, Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George, fourth son of the above, died at Hove, Sussex, 1902, in her 41st year. Also of the said Sir Halliday Macartney, born 1833, died at Kenbank, Dalry, Galloway, 1909.

    (North side) Also of Donald Halliday, Lieutenant, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, second son of Sir Halliday and Lady Macartney, killed in action near Arras, France, 26th August 1918, aged 30. Also of Hallide Jeannie, daughter of Sir Halliday and Lady Macartney, died 12th May 1960.

  • Inscription 71:

  • Erected by John McCartney Sen'r, to the memory of his son William, who died at Auchencairn, the 2nd of Sept. 1821, aged 17 years. Also his daughter, Margret, who died at Sheffield, May 1830, aged 29 years. Also his spouse, Marion McCartney, who died at Auchencairn Feb. the 9th 1831, aged 63 years. Also his son James, who died at Newton Stewart, the 21st March 1846, aged 36 years. Also his son, James, who died at Newton Stewart, the 21st March 1846, aged 36 years. Also his son John, who died at Auchencairn, on the 7th June 1847, aged 44 years. Also the said John McCartney Senr., who died at Auchencairn, 25th Aug't. 1849, aged 85 years. Also of his daughter-in-law Eliza Halliday, wife of his son Robert, who died at Dundrennan House, 9th May 1881, aged 79. Also of his said son Robert, died at Dundrennan House, 27th Nov. 1886, aged 87 years.

  • Inscription 72:

  • In memory of John McCartney late in Auchenfad who died the 25th May 1814 aged 88 years.

  • Inscription 73:

  • Not found. Site overgrown. The following inscriptions from the MSC survey for information.
    (a) Erected by John McCartney of Barlocco, in memory of his beloved daughter Jane, who died at Madeira, 24th August 1862, aged 18 years. Also his infant son, who died at Barlocco, 11th October 1846. Also the said John McCartney, who died at Dansville, Castle Douglas, on the 10th October 1885, aged 79 years. Also Jane McB. Lammie, wife of the said John McCartney, who died at Dansville, 16th February 1907, aged 83 years.
    (b) In memory of Alex'r. McCartney, of Barlocco, who died 10th Feb. 1853, aged 87 years. Also his wife Margaret Thomson, who died 18th June 1860, aged 86 years. Also the infant son of John McCartney of Barlocco, died 11th Oct. 1846. Jane McB. McCartney, died in Madeira, 24th August 1862, aged 18 years, daughter of John McCartney of Barlocco.

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  • Inscription 74:

  • In memory of John McCartney, who died at Hall, Auchencairn, on 7th June 1847, aged 44 years. Elizabeth, his wife, afterwards wife of the late John Kerr of Manchester, who died in Linn Bank, Kirkcudbright, on the 20th March 1874, aged 54 years. Also Elizabeth Jane, his daughter, who died at Dundrennan House, on 16th Oct. 1916, aged 70 years. And John, his son, sometime in Portmary Farm, who died at Auchencairn, on 23rd July 1922, aged 75 years.

  • Inscription 75:

  • Sacred to the memory of Euphemia Mack, wife of Anthony McCartney in Drammore, who died 1st June 1780, aged 39 years. Jannet, their daughter, who departed this life 23rd Jan'y 1813, aged 44 years. And their son John, late First Judge in His Majesties Court of Admiralty, & he died at Nassau, 8th Sep. 1819, aged 44 years. Also of the said Anthony McCartney, who died 28th March 1826, aged 92 years. And of Mary, eldest daughter of the said Anthony McCartney and Euphemia Mack, who died 25th May 1855, aged 89 years

  • Inscription 76:

  • In memory of John Carter, who died at Wood-end, 12th Jan'y. 1824, aged 61. Also Agnes McCartney, his spouse, who died on the 27th of March 1845, aged 85 years. Also Andrew Carter, their son, who died at Lenments, on the 18th of November 1859, aged 71 years

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  • Inscription 81:

  • Sacred to the memory of Samuel Thomson, son of John Thomson in Rerrick, who died 22nd of December 1793, aged 25 years. And also of Jennet Thomson, his daughter who died 27th of December 1795, aged 27 years. Also of Margaret McCartney, spouse of the said John Thomson, who died at Barlocco, 14th July 1817, aged 86 years. Also the said John Thomson, who died at Barlocco, 4 Dec'r. 1823, aged 86 years. Also William McCartney, his grandson, who died at Barlocco, the 7th April 1833, aged 20 years. Also Margaret McCartney, spouse to David Mitchell, who died in Staffordshire on the 8th of June 1837, aged 35 years. Also Janet McCartney, relict of Thomas (illegible) who died at Newark, Nott. 7th Dec. 1861, aged 62 years.

  • Inscription 83:

  • Erected by John Paterson Lewis M.D., Dalbeattie in memory of Willie Marjory McCartney Mitchell, his wife who died at Dalbeattie, 3 May 1865, aged 30 years.

  • Inscription 84:

  • Erected by Robert McCartney, in Nether Hazelfield, in memory of Mina R. Mitchell, his wife who died there, 15th June 1849, aged 46 years. Also Isabella, his daughter, who died at Crossmichael Village, 20th June 1851, aged 11 years. Also the above Robert McCartney, who died at Tuckersmith, Canada West, North America, 12th Sept. 1867, aged 58 years.

  • Inscription 91:

  • Erected to the memory of Euphemia McCartney, wife of John McMyn, who died in Auchnalbony, 4th June 1779, aged 42 years. Also of Robert McMyn their second son, who died at Kingston in the Island of Jamaica, in the year 1790, aged 24 years. And also Isabel Douglas, spouse to John McMyn, who died November 5th 1801, aged 46 years. Likewise the above named John McMyn, who died in Shawhill,, 29th Dec'r. 1806, aged 69 years. Also Robert McMyn, son of the above John McMyn and Isabel Douglas, died the 24th August 1832, at Detroit, Upper Canada, aged 37 years. Also John MacMyn, M.D. C.M., who died at Kirkcudbright, 13th May 1948, aged 85 years. "A beloved physician." Also Minnie Sumners MacMyn, his dearly loved wife, who died at Kirkcudbright, 2nd May 1957, aged 81 years.

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