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Because each of us has specific names we are interested in, and because there are many given (first) names in the inqueries page, I have installed a search engine to help you. Enter a name, given or surname, to see if it is referenced anywhere in this site. The advanced search feature will allow searching for people who married into the McCartney family.

You can search for more than peoples' names. The search engine will search for any word on the site. So, you can search for towns, states, counties, etc. If searching for a US state and no results are returned, try using the two-letter abbreviation. For example, use PA instead of Pennsylvania.

The results of the search will be shown on a page with links to the page or pages on which your requested word appears. Once at the page, if it is a large one, click on 'EDIT' on the tool bar, then click 'FIND'. Enter the given name again and click 'FIND NEXT'.

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