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McCartney's Journeys in Genealogy, which contains my McCartney family history and some genealogical and historical articles will on occasion, be modified and various pages will be added, updated or removed. It is an on-going process to add more data, particularly in the research area.

This page will contain a list of the most recent changes and/or additions to the site. The changes will be shown in reverse chronological order.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

The entire site has undergone a redesign. While much of the site content has remained the same, the appearance has changed, several new items have been added and many have been removed.

First, regarding the removals, the postings from other McCartney researchers are no longer available on this site. Over time, many of the people who posted here changed their email addresses. They never notified the Web Master so that the postings could be corrected. This resulted in no-one being able to contact them. It is not helpful to anyone and time consuming for the Web Master to try to find these people, Therefore, the postings are no longer available.

In McCartney Research, in place of the postings, we have added two new pages.

  • Dundrennan Abbey
    This page lists inscriptions for McCartneys found at the Abbey by our friend Len McCartney. These listings contain names, dates and relationships to other people.
  • County Antrim 1851 Censu
    This page contains a list of those McCartneys resident in County Antrim in 1851. It is only a partial listing since some of the census records had been destroyed.

The County Antrim page is data we encountered during our research. We have data from several other sources which will be transcribed as time allows and then added to the site.

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